“He Was Shy To Ask” – Nigerian lady says

A Nigerian lady has proposed to her boyfriend in public after several years of being in a relationship.

Trending photos making the rounds on social media showed the lady going down on both knees as she asked him to marry her.


Nigerians have reacted massively to the viral photos with many praising the lady over her boldness.

However, some netizens are insisting that it wasn’t her job to propose to a man no matter how long they have dated.

Afam BuNzube said: “Many women are ready to do this. In fact, many of them was the one that started their various relationships, but their earlier Orientation won’t let them tell anyone about this. But it’s okay.”

Elijah Jnr reacted: “Man remain the prize, but if I was in this position, I would have collected the ring from her and engage her, but it’s what it’s.”

Ebenezer Ibekwe reacted: “She’s a woman who’s proud in the wholesomeness of her femininity.”

ASA Bathsheba commented: “If women are allowed to start engaging men, there will be no single man left.”

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