lady cries bitterly over being unmarried at her age (Video)

Sharing the post on her page, she emphasized how the music she was listening to in the background unlocked the tears she’s been holding back for long.

“I’ve been listening to this but, this one hits me so hard. 30 years old, no husband, no child, no family yet,” she wrote.

Reactions trailing weeping 30-year-old unmarried lady

angelbackup67 added: “God will give you a husband, pray to Hom and also go out to make friends you can’t stay home waiting for husband to come meet you.”

jecintainnocent wrote: “What about me that marry at the age of 15 and lost my husband at the age of 22 with 3 children.”

oyinkansola0430 commented: “My dear, I will 36 in few days, no child no husband, we didn’t create ourselves, God dey.”

prettyedith21 said: “My dear I’m 34 no child no husband but I still believe God is working on my case and he will surly give me d best so stop cry cos isn’t yet over.”

kikelo19 reacted: “Hey sis I am also 30 year no husband no child yet but I believe we will all have a good testimony very soon pls don’t cry I love you.”

Watch the video below …

Watch the video below …



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