Hairstylist shaves off customer’s hairs for failing to pay after plaiting her hair (Video)

In the video, the hairdresser was captured shaving off the young girls’s hair, while airing out her frustration and complaint.

Mixed reactions have trailed the video as many supported the hairdresser while others criticized her.

See some of the reactions below;

Makulu said: “Knowing the pain of giving your time and effort to someone and then they don’t pay. I say make her pay for that chiskop.”

AK Chuma wrote: “This would have come out with a better outcome. Taking a video and leaving her to go had a very good potential to get this business a lot of goodwill. As it is I felt like paying this poor girl bill x3 but the business behaviour turned me off.”

Meyou commented: “She should have been given a chance to learn and clean the place as punishment, after the removal of her braids which is also time consuming. I don’t justify her wrong doing, She will be bullied at school. Adults should know better and not humiliate children. Period.”

Lolitigad added: “Sounds like they know her or of her. No reason to shave. Perhaps undo the braids. Hao or make her wash people’s hair for the whole day. Clean up etc and give the cleaning ladies a couple of hours off. Or stand outside with a business advert for braids or something.”

Watch the video below:

See video


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