Nigerian lady who fries yellow garri for a living showcases her work with pride (Photos/Video)

A Nigerian lady has wowed social media users after she took to Twitter to happily showcase her craft and source of livelihood.

The lady identified as @EduEle5 on the micro-blogging app, shared pictures of herself and her mother frying yellow garri, which she said is what she does for a living.

Edu said they both had to get through the great smoke and heat in order to deliver a great product that serves as the main family income.

In the photos she uploaded, Edu could be seen frying yellow garri in a big open pot as her mother stirred it with a stick.

Twitter users heaped praises on the hardworking lady who is not ashamed of her work, saying that she is different from many others who are waiting to be someone else to feed them.

Edu captioned the photos;

“About today. Me and my mummy killing it with smoke and heat. This is part of our hustle ooo.”

She added;

”She chooses to help me this time, I preferably love to try both sides alone, although someone would have to be on standby by to always add firewood.

#village life’‘

See more photos of her working:

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